Big Rig Towing

When it comes to big rig towing, things are somehow different. Towing companies usually compute their price estimate depending on the round trip distance, from the towing service provider’s yard and back again. In other words, price computation is done based on port to port.

Probably the first thing you should understand when dealing with big rig towing is that it’s not the same as when towing your vehicle. It shouldn’t surprise you when the towing provider gives you an estimated time of about 4 hours in a distance you usually cover within an hour. Most people tend to question that not realizing that a big rig tow truck won’t travel as fast as they expect. Furthermore, the hook up time is usually more since it involves much more than just fixing the hook on the front end as it’s done with your vehicle.

The drive line must be remove and safety chains and tow lights installed first before air is run to the tow truck and the brakes released. Once the disabled truck has been hooked up, it’s then towed to your preferred destination. After the truck is safely towed to your location, the operators will spend more time taking everything off and re-installing the drive line which was earlier removed. Now, the time taken to drive back to the company’s premises is also considered. That explains why big rig towing can be tricky when it comes to pricing especially if it’s done per hour.

However, there’s always room for negotiation and this depends with factors such as traffic conditions or the level of experience of the operators or driver. It, therefore, follows that pricing is a very important factor when choosing a good towing company. Look at their rates and how they compute and determine their pricing for Big Rig Towing services. However, that shouldn’t be your only focus. Here are other factors you should consider when looking for a reputable towing company for Big Rig Towing:

  • Their experience in providing Big Rig Towing. A towing company with many years of experience in business would mean they rely so much on repeat clients. Get references on the previous clients who were satisfied with their service.
  • Are they licensed and insured? The importance of hiring a licensed towing company can’t be overemphasized. You should be guaranteed of financial compensation in case of any issues.
  • Choose a company with clean trucks and well-trained technicians and drivers as this reflects on the company’s ability to take care of its customers.

There could be many towing companies in your local area but not all of them can handle big rig towing. It’s, therefore, important that you research and find the right towing company that will serve your needs.